World Games and so much more

WAKE UP IT’S THE ALL DAY! That’s how we were woken up by the captains on the morning of world games and that was only the start of the most insane, fun, exhausting, amazing and crazy day of the summer. The week leading up to the all day felt like it went on forever but staying up late for an entire week was worth it for how everything turned out on the day. Our decorations looked incredible (thank you Tamara and Erdman!) and everything came together so well the night before. The all day itself was split into the morning and afternoon and the campers are assigned to activities for the different sessions. Each activity earns the team points and all points add up to the final total. The afternoon is a marathon where runners go between each activity which ends with fire building. I helped to choreograph the dance for Italy so was inside teaching that most of the day but we got to go out and watch the fire being built and some of the other activities. It was so fun to get involved in the cheers and songs even though my voice was still paying for it a week later. Team Italy went from 4th place on the evening when activities started to 2nd place at the final tally, so even though we didn’t win we achieved so much on the day. I am so proud of all of our dancers that I got to work with on the day and it was the most AWESOME day to be able to help with!!

A couple of days before world games we had our Spring Crew day off at Julia’s cottage in Huntsville and it was definitely needed. We all needed a little break from the craziness of all day planning and a moment to just spend some quality time together. Jordyn, Julia, Hannah, Amelia, Bek and I all went to the cottage and hung out with Julia’s parents, ate some amazing food, had a fun night out in Huntsville, slept in late, went paddle boarding, swam in the lake, went tubing, chilled on the dock, ate some more amazing food and just had the best day off!


We have had some great evening programmes again in the past weeks. I love all the games we get to play but I obviously love when we have the socials and I get to dance the night away! Last weekend was Sequoia Prom which was such great fun. It was 60’s themed so lots of florals, peace signs and everyone in tie dye. We did tie dye with the campers the day before so that everyone had things to wear too. They even made us tie dye iced mini cupcakes which were super cute!

IMG_7219 (2)

We also had visitors day last week where the parents come up to camp and most of them take their kids out for the day and then come onto site to have a walk around, see the cabins, meet the counsellors and do some activities. It’s an odd day to be a counsellor as it’s lots of waiting around for people to arrive back from their day out but it’s awesome to meet the parents of the campers you have been looking after for the last month and be able to chat to them for a while.

The end of first month arrived this week which is absolutely mad to think that the campers have been here a whole month! We only had one girl leave so now our cabin is down to 6 but the girls next door (we live in a walk through cabin with other girls the same age) had more people arrive so there are always new faces and new people to get to know. One of my favourite kids and lots of incredible staff that I’d been so lucky to become good friends with left this week so it was an emotional one but as I was taught at IGC “it’s never goodbye, it’s just see you later”.



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